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ASM0001 Caribbean and South American Ephemera collection
The collection of fragmentary texts and images documents cultural expressions from the Caribbean and South America. The items consist of many of the transistory materials grouped under ephemera such as posters, postcards, leaflets, tracts, special editions, programs and menus published in countries such as the Bahamas, Brasil, Cuba, Curaçao Grenada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago.
ASM0344 Caribbean Diaspora Oral History collection, 2015-2016

Thanks to a grant sponsored in part by the Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, The Florida Council of Arts and Culture  and the State of Florida, The University of Miami Special Collections conducted interviews with individual of Caribbean ancestry now living in Florida.

The Caribbean Diaspora Oral History Collection documents and makes accessible the contributions of people of Caribbean ancestry who share stories of migration to the United States and the challenges inherent in such displacements. The 20 interviewees are from various countries from the Caribbean basin such as as Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador, Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico.

ASM0570 Caribbean Documents collection, 1699-1959
The collection consists of correspondence and documents (ex. property transactions including slave registers) from the various islands of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Christopher, Trinidad and Tobago from the 16th to the 19th century. The collection is further enhanced by the acquisition of antique maps from cartographers such as Linschoten and Sanson.
ASM0018 Dr. John O. and Marie Faulkner Brown papers, 1950-2000
The papers consists of correspondence, photographs, clippings, publications, awards, certificates and medals, speeches and various other materials documenting the life and work of Dr. John O. Brown, first African American Ophthalmologist in Florida and the first African American President of the American Medical  Association. The collection also includes clippings, sermons, speeches and photos of African American folklorist, Rev. William Faulkner.
ASM0085 Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection, 2010-2013
The Haitian Diaspora Oral History collection includes videos and selected transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with individuals of Haitian ancestry that are well-renowned in the world of the arts, community activism, civic leadership, and many professional organizationsè. The interviews were conducted by Kevin Mason, Lucrèce Louisdhon-Louinis and Béatrice Colastin Skokan.
ASM0214 Haitian Women of Miami (FANM) records, 1991-2011

Haitian Women of Miami-Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (FANM) was founded in 1991 to work for the "social and political empowerment" of Haitian women and their families. FANM is an advocacy and social service agency in Little Haiti and serves the needs of low income women and their families as well as victims of abuse, neglect, violence, discrimination and racism.

The records include correspondence, flyers, posters and educational publications as well as photographs of rallies and events from the Haitian Women of Miami.  Scrapbooks and newspapers from Haiti and the diaspora- such as "Le Floridien" and "The Haitian Times"- document political events and ongoing activism of women organizations, immigrant activists as well as local community happenings. The collection also includes substantial documentation of the activism of one of the organization's most notable activists, Marleine Bastien.

ASM0152 Historic Black Churches Oral History Film Project, 2011-2013

"The Historic Black Church Oral History Film Project represents an unprecedented campus-community partnership intended to preserve the rich cultural and social history  of faith-based communities of color in South Florida, support university-wide interdisciplinary collaboration, and educate a new generation of high school, college, and graduate students about the crucial leadership role of Historic Black Churches in Afro-Caribbean-American communities.- " UM Law School Center for Ethics and Public Service (CEPS).

The collection includes DVDs of the "Historic Black Church Oral History" films, publications documenting the project, flyers and invitations for community screenings.

ASM0204 Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre collection
The Louines Louinis Haitian Dance Theatre Collection contains photographs, pamphlets, programs and other ephemera documenting the history of the theatre and its founder, Louines Louinis.
ASM0218 Maggie Steber Photography collection, 1986-2010
The Maggie Steber Photography Collection contains thirty-three signed and dated 11x14 inch color prints on art paper and eleven large framed prints. The collection documents photojournalist Maggie Steber's work in Haiti from 1986 to 2010.
ASM0084 Max Rameau papers, 1992-2011
The Max Rameau papers (1992-2010) document his extensive activism for the homeless and the poor within the South Florida communities of the African diaspora. The collection  will be of interest to scholars and students of movements such as the Umoja Village, the Scott-Carver Tenant Council, Miami Dade Election Reform and Take Back the Land. The materials document advocacy work on behalf of people displaced from their homes as a result of  low income housing policies, gentrification, and the U.S. foreclosure crisis at the beginning of the 21st century.  The Max Rameau papers also point to connections between activist groups promoting the economic rights of the diverse constituency  of the African diaspora which reside in Liberty City and Little Haiti. Finally, the collection serves as a record of Mr. Rameau's work with organizations such as Brothers of the Same Mind,  the Haitian American Grassroots Coalition and the Center for Pan African Development.
ASM0243 Reggae Fanzine collection, 1975-2001
A collection of fanzines dedicated to reggae music, and the culture and fanbase surrounding the genre. The titles range from small-run, independently published zines, to glossy commercial magazines and tabloids. The wide range of publishing locations, including the United Kingdom, New York and South Florida, indicate the international popularity of reggae, a musical genre born on the island of Jamaica. Some of the fanzines extend their coverage to other Caribbean musical genres such as ska and soca. The music scenes in Africa are covered as well. In addition to the music, many of the fanzines explore the Rastafari movement and other Afrocentric ideologies that have historically been linked to reggae.
ASM0650 Bob Simms collection, 1907-1983
The Bob Simms Collection documents the life and activities of Robert H. Simms in the black communities in Coconut Grove and Miami and reflects his work with the Community Relations Board and the Defense Race Relations Institute. The Collection also contains  campaign materials from Leah Simms, the first African American female judge in the state of Florida, and the "Glory in the Grove" photographs of people and events at the George Washington Carver elementary and high schools in Coconut Grove before desegregation. A final component of the collection includes photographs, correspondence and clippings of General "Chappie" James and his family. General James was the first four star African American General and married Dorothy Watkins.
ASM0181 Slave Documents collection, 1793-1866
A growing collection of documents pertaining to the captue, purchase, bargaining, and freedom of slaves in North and South America during the 1700s and 1800s. The collection contains a variety of petitions, contracts, estate settlements, and ephemera that record the activities of slaves during that era and illustrate lthe relationship between slaves and their owners as well as locatl government policy regareding slave ownership.
ASM0032 Theodore R. Gibson Family papers, 1955-1996

The Theodore R. Gibson Family Papers document the life and work of Reverend Gibson, longtime Miami Commissioner during the 1970s and 1980s, and champion of Black Coconut Grove. The collection also contains materials documenting the civic activities and interests of Reverend Gibson’s wife, Thelma Gibson.

The collection includes albums that document Reverend Gibson’s family life, as well as his church, community, and political activities. The albums include photographs, letters of commendation, invitations, programs, biographical information, and numerous clippings.

The subject files provide evidence of the activities and interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson, dating from the 1950s to the 1990s. Included are programs for services and events at Christ Episcopal Church and other area churches; speeches and invocations written by Reverend Gibson; letters received; and materials concerning the NAACP.

The clippings document the interests of Reverend and Thelma Gibson and highlight their work and accomplishments. A majority of the clippings are arranged chronologically and date from 1981-1990. Clippings arranged by subject document the activities of Reverend Gibson and his family, as well as other topics, and date from the 1960s to the1990s.

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