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CHC5033 The Gastón Baquero Papers, 1956-1999
The collection consists of documents, books and other materials written and collected by Cuban writer Gastón Baquero during the last years of his life in Madrid, Spain. The collection includes correspondence, published and unpublished works by Baquero, clippings of newspaper articles by and about Baquero, research notes, photographs, clippings, scrapbooks, awards and memorabilia. Although the collection includes personal papers and documents, the bulk of materials relates to the subjects that occupied Baquero throughout his life, namely Cuban, Spanish and Latin American literature, history and politics.
CHC0339 Lydia Cabrera Papers, 1910-1991
The papers document the professional activities of Lydia Cabrera, one of the 20th century’s leading writers on Cuban folklore and an internationally known chronicler of Afro-Cuban culture and religion. The materials include correspondence with important Latin American painters and authors, manuscripts, original drawings, field notes, interviews, photographs, illustrations, and paper laces. This collection also contains documentation about the restoration of several colonial buildings in Cuba.
CHC5176 Héctor Santiago Papers, 1958-2002
The Héctor Santiago Papers collection includes only part of his literary anthology, with future additions expected. The Papers include scripts, essays, short stories, reviews, clippings, and theater programs.  Additionally, the collection contains personal and professional correspondence, interviews, awards, and financial records. Some scripts and stories written by Santiago in 1960s were excavated from the ground beneath a tree in Cuba where they had been buried for more than 20 years.  In order to preserve these original typescripts, photocopies have been made for perusal.  Also of interest is a group of letters written by Santiago’s fellow prisoners in UMAP.
CHC5298 Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas Records, 1871-1889

The abolition of slavery in Cuba took place gradually over the course of several years. In 1880, the Spanish colonial government instituted a system called patronato, loosely translated as "apprenticeship." Most of the workings of the slave system were preserved, but patrocinados, as former slaves came to be known, received a minimal set of legal rights and were to be paid a token wage. The transition to the patronato system was overseen by a provincial network of government agencies called Juntas de Patronato. The Junta Provincial de Patronato de Matanzas was created in 1880 when the Law of Patronato was passed. As a central body, it processed claims and cases from a series of local juntas throughout the province of Matanzas. The records in this collection contain official documents, correspondence between local juntas and the main junta, and tables reporting names or numbers of patrocinados. The collection also documents the cases of individual patrocinados who were trying to obtain their freedom through the provisions of the new law.

All of the materials in this collection have been digitized and are available through the University of Miami Digital Collections.

CHC5200 Leandro Soto Papers, 1978-2007
The Leandro Soto Papers consist primarily of original drawings of set and costume designs, audiovisual materials, posters, and photographs of productions and exhibitions documenting the work of visual and performance artist Leandro Soto. While the collection also includes correspondence, clippings, press releases, manuscripts, and theater and exhibitions programs, the bulk of materials relate to Soto’s artistic production in the United States since 1992.
CHC5223 Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers, 1957-1966
The Martha Frayde Barraqué Papers consist of letters from the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) to Frayde dating between 1962 and 1966.  The collection also includes a group photograph of Lam and Frayde in Mexico in 1957.
CHC5230 Nicolás Guillén Papers, circa 1946-1974
Nicolás Guillén Papers cover a particular time and place in the life of one of Cuba's finest 20th century poet.  They all deal with a trip he made to Uruguay in the late 1940s.  There are two manuscript writing styles.  The smaller tighter script is probably Guillén's.  The looser more open script matches his signature but could be someone else's.  It is possible that this second script is a dictation or copying of a Guillén work.  Materials include correspondence, clippings and photographs.  Some documents are signed by Guillén and others are not signed.
CHC5010 Orichas Collection, 1980s?
The Orichas Collection consists of the series of drawings by Cuban-born artist Alberto del Pozo (1946-1992) of the deities of Afro-Cuban Santería.  The Collection includes 17 original framed illustrations in pen, crayon, and ink on paper; signed and unsigned lithographs of these drawings; and catalogs and notecards of the Orichas series.  Lithographs, catalogs, and notecards are available for purchase.

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