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John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt collection


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John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt collection, 1942-2004 | Broward County Library African-American Research Library and Cultural Center

By Myrka Don Fred

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Collection Overview

Title: John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt collection, 1942-2004

Predominant Dates:1960-1979

ID: BCL0902

Creator: Hewitt, John H. (1924-)

Extent: 5.0 Boxes

Arrangement: Arranged into boxes according to subject and format.

Date Acquired: 09/00/2002

Formats/Genres: Art metal-work, Art objects, Clippings, Magazines, Maps, Newspapers, Painting-Catalogs, Paintings, Photographs

Languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish;Castilian


This collection contains materials focusing on the art, history and culture of Haiti.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The collection includes correspondence, articles, clippings, brochures, maps, photographs and exhibit catalogs. The collection also contains fourteen pieces of artwork by prominent Haitian artists.

Biographical Note

John Hamilton Hewitt Jr. was born in New York. He attended Harvard College and New York University where he obtained his Masters in 1949. Hewitt was an instructor for the Department of English and co-chairman for the Division of Humanities at Morehouse College in Atlanta. Hewitt also held the post of reporter for the New York Amsterdam News; later on he became a medical writer for the Medical Tribune, and served as an editor for both Hospital Practice and Emergency Medicine.

Mr. Hewitt has written various articles in publications such as the New York History, the Massachusetts Review, and Afro-Americans in New York Life and History, the International Review of African American Art and was a member of the American Medical Writers Association.

Subject/Index Terms

Art-Private collections
Exhibit programs
Exhibit Publications
Haiti- Art
Haiti- History
Personal Letters

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions: ©2010 Broward County Library African-American Research Library and Cultural Center. All rights reserved.

Acquisition Source: John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt

Acquisition Method: Gift, September 2002.

Separated Materials: Broward County Library African-American Research Library and Cultural Center also holds part of the private library of John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt. These items have been cataloged individually and are searchable through the library's OPAC.

Related Materials: The John and Vivian Hewitt Collection of African-American Art, Harvey B. Gantt for African American Arts+Culture, Charlotte, N.C. For more information please see

Preferred Citation: John H. and Vivian D. Hewitt Collection, Special Collections and Archives, African-American Research Library and Cultural Center Broward County Library

Box and Folder Listing

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[Box 1: Exhibit Publications, 1960-1994],
[Box 2: Exhibit Publications, 1946-1999],
[Box 3: Articles, 1945-2004],
[Box 4: Haiti Ephemera, 1942-1982],
[Box 5: Miscellaneous, 1960-1989],
[Item 1-14: Artwork],

Box 1: Exhibit Publications, 1960-1994Add to your cart.

Folder 1          Haiti Haiti, 1971

Folder 2          Recent Haitian Painting and Sculpture, 10/03/1960

Folder 3          The Metal Sculptors of Haiti, 4/21-5/27 1977

Folder 4          Various galleries, artists and exhibit invitations (1970-1990s)

Folder 5          Latin-American Potpourri 7/8-8/29, 1975

Folder 6          The Haitian Primitives, 9/8-10/12/1965

Folder 7          Haitian Art, The Brooklyn Museum, 9/02-11/5/1978

Folder 8          Une Celebration de la Vie Haitienne, 9/17-19/1982

Folder 9          Haitian Art at its Best, Expressions Galerie d’ Art

Folder 10        Tribute to Picasso, Organization of American States, 10/25/1973

Folder 11        Haitian Paintings, Sotheby Park Bernet Inc. 1/25/1975

Folder 12        Young Artists, International Play Group Inc., 5/3-31/1973

Folder 13        Haitian Artists in New York City, The Brooklyn Museum, 10/30-12/4/1977

Folder 14        Haitian Trilogy, D.C. Public Library for the Public Arts, 12/5/1978-1/10/1979

Folder 15        Hector Hyppolite, le Musee d’Art Haitien du College St. Pierre, 10/26/1973

Folder 16        Gloria Art d’ Haiti Annual Pre-Christmas, 12/1992

Folder 17        Musee d’ Art Haitien du College St. Pierre Inaugure, 5/11/1972

Folder 18        Auction, 1980s-1990s

Folder 19        5th Auction and Sale of Haitian Art Exhibit 3/13-20/1994

Folder 20        Haitian Art World “Art Naïf of Haiti”, 6/1-3/1994

Folder 21        Sotheby’s Modern, Haitian and Latin American Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture including a selection of Ballet and Old Master & 19th Century Drawings 3/27/1982

Folder 22        Festival D’ Art Haitien exhibit catalog, artist biographies, Haitian art history

Folder 23        “Demons, Men and God: Elements of Haitian Art, JWT World Gallery, 1979         

Folder 24        Guide de L’ Art Haitien Tome I & II, Galerie d’ Art Georges S. Nader, 10/1973

Folder 25        Inventory listing of Haitian art work to benefit [the] Sahel Drought

Folder 26        Galerie Nader Le Primitivisme Haitien Supplement Biographique, 7/1974

Folder 27        Galerie des Beaux Arts

Folder 28        “Collector’s Choice: Selections from the African- American and Haitian Collection of  John H. and Vivian H. Hewitt”, 1/23-2/25 1994

Folder 29        Press Release for Haitian art exhibit with an accompanying memo to the Hewitts, 9/18/1989

Box 2: Exhibit Publications, 1946-1999Add to your cart.

Folder 1          “The Many Faces of Haitian Painting” exhibit placards and artist information card

Folder 2          Haitian Artists, Seton Hall University [NJ], 1965

Folder 3          Naïve Art from Haiti the Society of the Four Arts, 1/7-29/1967

Folder 4          19 Schilders uit Haiti Stedeljik Museum Amsterdam n.75, 1963

Folder 5          Grand Concours Artistique des Caraibes organise par ALCOA Steamship Co., 1955

Folder 6          “Paintings from Le Centre d’Art Port-au-Prince Haiti”, American British Art Center, 6/11-26/1946

Folder 7          50 Pinturas Haitianas, 1951

Folder 8          The Many Faces of Haitian Painting, 7/15-8/1989

Folder 9          Citadelle Henry, 1973

Folder 10        The Art of Haiti, Davenport Municipal Art Gallery , 1969

Folder 11        Naïve Art: Modern Primitive Painters and Sculptors, Fabian Gallery, 12/5/1972

Folder 12        Musee d’ Art Haitien du College St. Pierre, 1972

Folder 13        Haitian Paintings, Parke-Bernet Galleries, 5/22/1969

Folder 14        Haitian Art at the Portal Gallery, 9/22-10/18/1978

Folder 15        The Painting of Haiti: Primitive Art of Haiti, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 2/18-3/24/1968

Folder 16        Kunst aus Haiti, Musee am Ostwall Dortmund 11/30/1969-1/11/1970

Folder 17        Naifs Del Bresil, Naifs Di Haiti, Istituto Italo Latino Americano, 6/28-7/12/1970

Folder 18        Image d’ Haiti, The Brooklyn Museum Community Gallery, 10/5/1998-1/03/1999

Folder 19        42 Femmes Peintres d’Haiti, le Centre d’Art, 2/21-28/1973

Folder 20        Exposicion de Pintura Primitiva y Contemporenea Haitiana, 5/13/1973

Folder 21        Haitian Art, Streetworkers Incorporated, 1973

Folder 22        20th Century Latin American Naïve Art, 3/15-4/22/1964

Folder 23        Artists of the Western Hemisphere: Art of Haiti and Jamaica, 10/10-27/1968

Folder 24        Haitian Painting: The Naïve Tradition, American Federation of Arts, 1973

Folder 25        Galerie d’ Art Nader

Folder 26        Naïve Paintings of Latin America, Duke University, 1963

Folder 27        Art of Haiti: a selection of primitive and modern painting, Pacem in Terris Gallery, 10/15-30/196

Folder 28        Haitian Masters, Haitian Art Gallery, 5/12-31/1966

Folder 29        Exposition International d’ Art Moderne, UNESCO, 11-12/1946

Folder 30        Image d’ Haiti, The Haitian Artists Association Abroad, 7/23-8/24/1969

Folder 31        Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou, American Museum of Natural History, 10/10/1998

Folder 32        Haitian Primitive Painting, St. James’ Church, 5/13-29

Folder 33        Haitian Art 3rd Auction and Sale, program and invitation

Folder 34        Institut Francais d’Haiti et de nouveau Lucner Lazard, 3/1-7/1978

Box 3: Articles, 1945-2004Add to your cart.

Folder 1          “Haiti: Sunshine, Magic and Memories” and “Shopping for Haitian Art”, Black  Enterprise, 4/1977

Folder 2          “Copriamo I ‘Naifs’ di Haiti”, Grazia, 2/ 24/1974

Folder 3          “Church Art in Haiti” by Dorothy Adlow, Collier’s, 11/22/ 1952

Folder 4          “Haitian Painting”, Life, 9/4/1945

Folder 5          “Haiti The Negro Republic of the Caribbean is as Primitive as Paradise” by William A. Kraus, Holliday, 3/ 1950

Folder 6          “Progress in Haiti Leopards in Sneakers Instead of Tonton Macoutes” by Herbert Gold, New York Times Magazine, Spring 1972

Folder 7          Loose leaf pages: one Haitian art

Folder 8          “Haitian History in Haitian Picture”, The New Yorker, 10/10/1994

Folder 9          “Black New York Newspaperman’s Impressions of Boston, 1883”, Massachusetts Review, 1991

Folder 10        Haitian Art Newsletter, v.1 n.6, [1977]

Folder 11        Invitation: Hewitt’s Haitian Art Collection, 2/26/1995 and accompanying materials Star News, 2/28/1995

Folder 12        “Exposition au Taj Caribe”, Haiti Observateur, 4/11/1975

Folder 13        “On the Verge of Collapse Notes from the Hell that is Haiti” by Carole Cleaver, 1/17-31/1994

Folder 14        “On Haitian Soil” Adubon, January-February 1995

Folder 15        “Haiti’s Hidden Treasures”

Folder16          Murat Brierre Art Gallery Davenport Municipal by Patricia Boyd Wilson, Davenport Iowa

Folder 17        “Explosion de la Peinture Populaire Haitienne” by Albert Mangones, Art Haiti, 1945

Folder 18            “Haitian Journalist was Killed but a film keeps his spirit alive” by David Gonzalez, New  York Times, 4/20/2004

Folder 19        “Haitian Painting: Painful History” by Michael Gibson, Herald Tribune, 9/26-27/1992

Folder 20        “Behind the Occult, Vivid Sacred Art” by Kenneth B. Noble, The New York Times, 2/4/1996

Folder 21        “Haitian Art and Voodoo” by Barry Paris, In Pittsburgh, v.5 n.33, 3/29-4/4/1989

Folder 22        “‘Many Faces of Haitian Painting’ to open at Sawtooth”, by Annette Scippio, Winston- Salem Chronicle, 7/13/1989

Folder 23        Article photo caption “Haitian Art Committee…”, 11/25/1989

Folder 24        “Through Haitian Eyes” by Barry Paris, Pittsburg

Folder 25  “Real images of Islands on Display at Sawtooth” by Carr, Winston-Salem Journal 7/14/1989

Folder 26        Calendar of events in Arts Winston-Salem Journal, 7/2/1989

Folder 27        “Art Auction Strengthens Haitian Link” by Shari Kubitz, PGH Post-Gazette, 11/16/1989

Folder 28        Obituary William Larimer Mellon Jr., JAMA, v.262 n.17, 11/3/1989

Folder 29        “Revolution in Haiti, 1791 to 1820”, by Adelaide C. Hill, Presence Africaine

Folder 30        “Propos sur la Peinture Haitienne” Max Pinchinat, Presence Africaine

Folder 31        “Going Places, Finding Things in Haiti” by Denise Otis, House and Garden, 12/1961

Box 4: Haiti Ephemera, 1942-1982Add to your cart.

Folder 1          1981 Telecommunications d’ Haiti S.A. Pages Jaunes

Folder 2          1982 Telecommunications d’ Haiti S.A. Pages Jaunes         

Folder 3          Haiti, Pan American Union, 1942

Folder 4          “Haitian Art…How it Started” by DeWitt C. Peters, transcript of broadcast over  Jamaican Radio 1952

Folder 5          Haiti Skyguide, American Airlines, 1972

Folder 6          Hotel Montana: for your information booklet

Folder 7          Haiti Hotel Guide, Hotel Association of Haiti, brochure

Folder 8          Haiti tourism guide, Haiti National Office of Tourism

Folder 9          Foyer des Arts Plastiques, 1950

Folder 10        Texaco Road Map of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, 1960

Folder 11        Map of Haiti 1807-1820 by George Remponeau

Box 5: Miscellaneous, 1960-1989Add to your cart.

Folder 1          Musee de l’ Imperatrice Josephine [of France] = Empress Josephine’s birth place

Folder 2          “The Many Faces of Haitian Painting” by John Hewitt, 6/1989

Folder 3          Miscellaneous notes on John H. Hewitt’s stationary

Folder 4          Haitian Dance: a Circular Influence by Patricia Namm

Folder 5          Letter to Vivian Hewitt from Dorothy, 10/3/1960

Folder 6          Letter from George McKenna to Norman E. Pendergraft, 7/29/1988 with photograph

Folder 7          “Art of Haiti” by unknown 

Folder 8          Envelop addressed to Mr. John H. Hewitt Jr. 1960

Folder 9          Letter to Vivian Hewitt from Mary Jo, 1/20/1961

Folder 10        Letter to Vivian Hewitt from Mary Jo, 3/12/1961

Folder 11        Two envelops to Mrs. John Hewitt from Julio E. Gonzalez, [1960s]

Folder 12        Black and white photograph of a house [possibly in Haiti]

Folder 13        Letter from Dorothy to Vivian Hewitt, 10/21/1960

Item 1-14: ArtworkAdd to your cart.

Item 1      Women Washing Clothes, c.1971, oil on masonite 22x31 inches, by Jean-Enguerrand Gourgue (1937)                      

Item 2      Three Indians, c.1961, oil on masonite, 14x14 inches, by Alexandre Gregoire (1922)

Item 3      Flowers, c.1965, oil on canvas, 30x34 inches, by L. Janvier

Item 4      Fashionable Women, c.1975, oil on canvas, 30x22 inches, by Carlo Jean-Jacques (1943)

Item 5      Two Women with Fish, c.1967, oil on canvas, 30x12 inches, by Lucner Lazard, (1928-1997?)

Item 6      Haitian Road Scene, c.1960, oil on canvas, 14x30 inches, by Lucner Lazard, (1928-1997?)

Item 7      Sugar Cane Dancers, c.1975 (pair of metal mesh sculptures), 10 inches (h), by Lucner Lazard, (1928-1997?)

Item 8      Sequined Bottle, c.1985, 10 inches (h), by Lucner Lazard, (1928-1997?)

Item 9      La Sirene (Sequined Flag), c.1975, 18 ½ x15 ¼ inches, by Lucner Lazard, (1928-1997?)

Item 10    La Sirene, wood carving, 31 ½ inches (h), by E. Paul

Item 11    Rainy Day, c.1970, oil on masonite, 24x12 inches, by Charles Obas

Item 12    Woman with Basket, c.1978, collage, 21x9 inches, by Luce Turnier, (1924-1994)

Item 13    Untitled, c.1960, monotint, 27x31 inches, by Herve Telemaque, (1937)

Item 14    Haitian Landscape, c.1960, oil on canvas, 10x4 inches, by Fran Vange Valcin

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