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Rameau, Max | Collaborative Archive from the African Diaspora

Name: Rameau, Max

Historical Note: Max Rameau is the foremost and most publically known activist with Take Back the Land. He also leads the Center for Pan-African Development, and has worked extensively with Brothers of the Same Mind and Cop Watch in the past. At the cusp of the housing crisis, Rameau invited several other South Florida-based black activists to meetings held at Marleine Bastien's office, a group that later became known as the Black Response to the Crisis Group. The group decided on taking action in the form of taking over public land and asserting black political leadership over that land. The first action taken was the erecting of the Umoja Village Shantytown, and later housing liberations and eviction defenses. As Take Back the Land progressed to the national level and took on the shape of a movement, Rameau remained its most vocal proponent and figurehead. He has since relocated to Washington D.C. to take on the role as an alternative voice on the housing crisis more strongly. Rameau is a Pan-Africanist by worldview and in political theory, although he no longer frames Take Back the Land as a Pan-Africanist or Black nationalist project.
Note Author: Rudo Kemper

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